High Hopes Up-And-Coming




född: 2005-02-09

Hd: B

Utst: 1 ökl

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Milla är en go och snäll tik.....







Quills Can Call A Coachman

Quills Dainty Coachman

Crazy Couple's Kasper

Quills Anna Pavlova

Quills Could Hardly Be Said

SE VCH Pearly Coat The Dutch Cabarat

Belsud Black Molasses

High Hopes Online

SE VCH Huntermoon Fire'n Flame

NORD V-00 DK UCH NORD UCH INT UCH WW-00 Almanza I'm On Fire

SE U(U)CH NO UCH Huntermoon Breath The Autumn

High Hopes Incredible Inka

SE VCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Hell's Angel

LP High Hopes Always in Mind